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Solid Dosage

Robust, Flexible and Cost-Effective Manufacturing Solutions

LTPM CHINA supplies engineering services, process equipment and technologies for the production of oral solid dosage forms to customers in the life science industries. Activities include partnering with customers to develop new products and enhance clinical effectiveness, the supply of R&D-scale and standalone production equipment and completely integrated production lines.
We provide proven solutions for the most challenging dosage forms, such as oncology drugs, MUPS tablets, effervescents and multi-layer pellets, as well as granules, crystals and pellets, modified release formulations, solid dispersions for bioavailability enhancement, powders designed for direct tableting or capsule filling, cytostatics and oncology medicines, hormones and antibiotics/anti-infectives. As containment experts, we not only offer the largest variety of solutions for contained processing, but also unrivalled experience in identifying the most appropriate solution based on a containment risk analysis.
From Powder to Coated Tablet
No other supplier offers the complete range of tableting technologies, from powder handling to granulating, drying, compression and coating, including the first ever continuous high shear granulation, drying and tableting system, which is set to revolutionize oral solid dosage processing.
Process Integration
LTPM CHINA's entire range of process equipment is designed with system integration in mind. A modular approach allows customers to select standard process modules to suit project needs. Fluid bed dryers and coaters can be combined with top-drive and bottom-drive high shear mixer/granulators, wet and dry milling facilities, product handling systems, binder and coating preparation units, filtration units, tablet presses, all designed for fully integrated systems. Safety, containment, product flow and building requirements are in-built for full integration for optimum process efficiency.

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