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Robust, Flexible and Cost-Effective Manufacturing Solutions

The vitamin, mineral and supplement (VMS) manufacturing industry has grown rapidly during the last few years, benefiting from increased demand from a larger mainstream, health-conscious consumer base and an increasingly ageing population. Traditionally, used to protect humans against deficiency related diseases, the market has expanded to applications in foods, animal feeds and as nutritional supplements. LTPM CHINA is a one-stop solution for all your vitamin and supplement manufacturing needs.
The Healthy Way
Vitamin and supplement manufacturers primarily develop and manufacture oral dosage forms that contain an ingredient intended to supplement the diet. Key sectors within this industry include standard vitamin and mineral supplements, as well as sports nutrition products and herbal supplements.
In the coming years, the industry is anticipated to benefit from the same trends that have supported its growth in the past, including increasing health expenditure and a growing interest in wellness and nutrition among mainstream consumers. As discretionary income continues to strengthen, more consumers will trade up to premium, all-natural and organic products, helping to lift industry revenue streams.
The LTPM CHINA Solution
From formulation support to manufacturing, including the production of capsules, tablets, granules, pellets and liquids for homeopathic applications, LTPM CHINA’s advanced technology portfolio comprises mixing and blending, granulation, palletization, drying, compression and coating, as well as separation, homogenization and freeze drying.
Vitamin manufacturers have been using LTPM CHINA drying equipment for more than 15 years. Designed to meet the needs of your application, our dryers can be customized to individual product requirements, such as particle size, particle form and encapsulation, and/or specific production processes.

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