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Mixing Tank

Mixing tank is one kind of liquid preparation workshop, special equipment is required for the deployment of the material dissolved in the solvent of the quantitative, reach a certain concentration or content, and the bleaching and filtering processing, the obtained solution directly to the filling. Oral solution in the industry, infusion, water injection, lyophilized powder for injection preparation, can also be used in tincture and syrup ingredients.


1. The jacket can inlet steam and can also inlet cooling water, apply to the preparation process which required heating dissolved and cooled by cooling.

2. The stainless steel contact with the material adopt mirror polished handle, the greatest degree of reduction of grug residues, reducing the risk of mixing.

3. Tube length of the connector according to 1.5D standard design, the nozzle and tank welds showed arc-like, meet the GMP requirements.

4. The inner design pressure is 0.3MPa, temperature 130 ℃, fully meet the requirements of moist heat sterilization.

5. Jacket Cover with insulation layer, insulation materials for high-quality aluminum silicate insulation significantly minimizes the influence of the temperature of the preparation environment.

6. lmpeller and the shaft in one body design, can avoid the dead corner of Health, to effectively prevent drug residues.

7. High-quality mechanical seal to prevent entry of other matters in the liquid, meet the CIP and SIP requirements.

8. Weighing or capactive liquid level measurement methods, to meet the accuracy requirement spreparations.

9. Rotary cleaning ball, a thorough cleaning can clean every corner.

Technical Parameter 
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